Wednesday, April 20, 2011

☁ Random April Activities ☁ We are headed to Mayfield this weekend for Easter, Can't Wait it will be our first camp trip of the year..........Then off to Yakima next week for Round 1 of B's HillClimbing and I am looking forward to it more than anything ;);)

This is Nixon, Chey's new puppy he is the biggest sweetheart and Gunner loves him too;)

Tulips from the shop, Just wishing spring and summer were here for good
 Our girl drinking from the water fountain at the shop, she is sooooo spoiled by her daddy ;)
 Our new turtle Theodore ;);)
 Gunner and Nixon rough housing!
The best pineapple ever from Big Daddy and Mama Whitlock,  fresh from Hawaii-yumyum

Friday, April 1, 2011

Random March Madness pics ;)

 Gunner Lounging in the Sun ☼
 Our lawn after some tender loving care from B❤
 Ha!! on our trip to Home Depot ran into Joey Lagano
 Our new treadmill ❤❤❤ it! Getting into baby shape ;)
 The Top off finally ;) B has been anxiously awaiting!!
 Our new set for under the pergola??!!
 Gunner going for a ride with her daddy!
 My sexy husband with our crazy dog ;)
 Gunner feeling ripped off on her tiny bed at Gma's
 Before the bark ;) Can't wait for After☼
Our crazy daughter after the color festival☮